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  • From the MST Collections: The Mushroom Models: The Bitter Orange Puffball

From the MST Collections: The Mushroom Models: The Bitter Orange Puffball

The model below is part of the MST's collection of mushroom models. This collection once belonged to a single individual and they bear the stamp of the owner and his location in West Berlin. The objects are from the 1920s or 1930s based on the text and type face. The translations from old German were completed by one of our members over the last year. Please note that many of the mushrooms in this collection have had their classifications change over time. Many that were once considered as edible are now classified as poisonous, and the translated text may no longer be considered accurate in modern terms.

Bitter orange puffball, Earthball. Bacontruffel, false truffle, potatobovist

Scleroderma aurantiacum, Bull. Scleroderma citrinum.

Pg. 92 "Mushrooms of Ontario and Eastern Canada". Suspicious (poisonous)

Fruitbodies have a radius of 2 to 7 cm they are rotund to ellipsoid. Often with a short stem. The colour on the outside is brown/yellow, whitish yellow or reddish yellow. The surface shows small fissures and is often speckled and covered in scales. Under the surface the skin is white thick, first yellow fleshed later similar to thick leather. The inside is at first whitish but will soon turn blue/gray/black and later appear dusty. It grows in summer in mountainous areas in woods. If you consume the flesh without first blanching it it will taste sharp and be harmful. But even when properly prepared it does not taste good. And it is not to be confused with a real truffle.

Mushroom modelMushroom model