How to Register for a Foray

Some MST forays are limited to a certain number of people. This may be due to limited parking space, a landowner who wants a small group, or a lack of volunteers to handle a large group.

In 2020 and 2021 especially, foray attendance has been limited to ensure social distancing due to COVID-19.

Forays which require registration will be clearly marked on the Current Forays page (in 2020-21 this will be all forays).

This page explains how to register for a foray, how to know if you're registered, and how to change or cancel your registration.

Log in to the website

On a desktop computer: Go to the Login item in the main website menu, and enter your email address and password and click the Log in button.

On a phone or tablet:

1. Tap the three-line icon in the top left of every page
2. The site menu will open. Swipe up on the menu until you see the Login section.
3. Enter your email address and password and tap the Log in button.

Register for a foray

After you're signed in to the website, go to Current Forays in the main menu

Forays that require registration will have Registration in advance is required in the Notes and Driving Directions column on the right.

Each registration foray will have a Register for this foray button, unless all the spaces for the foray have filled up.

Use the button to go to the registration page for that foray.

You can also register for a foray by going to Register for a Foray in the menu.

The first thing on the foray registration page is an important note about COVID-19 Restrictions at MST Forays. Please be sure to read these points carefully, because forays are different now from the way they used to be.

Scroll down to the Foray Registration section of the page, and you can enter your information.

1. Choose the foray you want to register for from the Foray drop-down. Only forays requiring registration will appear to choose from.
2. Enter the first and last name for everyone you're bringing to the foray, including yourself, all other adults, and children of walking age. The participants will be automatically filled with your family members, if you've kept them up to date in your membership profile.
3. To add a participant, use the green plus-sign button. To remove a participant, use the red minus-sign button beside their name.
4. Check the Terms Acceptance checkbox, which records you as having accepted the MST's Code of Conduct, Anti-Harassment Policy, and the COVID-19 requirements on the registration page.
5. Use the Save your Foray Registration button to register.

After your registration has been saved, you can change the participants if you need to; just use the Save your Foray Registration Changes after you make your changes.

You can also cancel your registration by using the Cancel your Registration button. If you know ahead of time that you won't be able to come to a foray you're registered for, please make sure to come back to the foray registration page or the Current Forays page to cancel your registration so that more spaces can be opened up for other members.

If you have a registration for a foray, the Current Forays page will no longer show the Register for this foray button, but will show Cancel your registration and Change your registration buttons instead.

The Change your registration button will take you to the foray registration page where you can change the participants for your registration.

The Cancel your registration button will ask if you're sure before cancelling.