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Walk and Foray Information

Mushroom Walks and Forays

During the spring and fall of each year, the MST organizes a series of members-only walks and forays. These are trips into the greenbelt around Toronto to learn about and identify mushrooms. Walks and forays are held in the earlier part of the day on Saturdays and Sundays. Each walk has several designated guides, and each foray has a designated leader who provide guidance to the participants.

Unfortunately, for reasons of liability coverage, all walk and foray attendees must be members of the MST. Membership is a small annual fee for the whole family and includes many benefits, including access to our entire list of walk and foray locations with driving directions. We're always welcoming new members! Joining the MST is easy - you can register online and pay with any credit card. 

Our scheduled spring walks and forays usually take place from early May to the beginning of June, and fall walks and forays from early September to the end of October. The complete schedule of walks and forays, with directions to meeting places, is emailed to members in April or August, and is available online on the walk and foray schedule page.

Unless noted otherwise on the schedule page, walk and foray participants meet by 9:45 am, then follow the walk guide or foray leader. Walks generally last for 1–1.5 hours, and forays generally end at about 12:30 — 1:30 pm or later, if you wish to stay for further identification of fungi. Walks and forays are always held rain or shine. Since we may drive some distance from the meeting place to the event location, please be on time to avoid the disappointment of missing the group. More detailed information is available on how to prepare for walks and forays.

Please note that the MST does not provide transportation to walks or forays! Members are responsible for arranging their own transportation.

Children are welcome on walks and forays, but some of the places we visit may not be suitable for very young children (rough terrain, steep hills, poison ivy, etc.). Supervision is the responsibility of the parent!

More questions about walks or forays? Find answers in the Help and FAQ section.

Where are the Walks and Forays?

The MST's walks and forays take place in various locations within about an hour's drive of Toronto. Please note that the MST does not provide transportation to walk or foray locations! Members are responsible for their own transportation, though some choose to carpool. The map below shows the general areas of MST walks and forays in Southern Ontario.

MST Foray Areas