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Mycological Society of Toronto Code of Conduct

Version: 1.0
Approved: March 4th, 2019

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The Mycological Society of Toronto Code of Conduct establishes the standards that govern the interaction of its members with each other, the media and the public.

By participating in an MST activity, members agree to be bound to these rules and any other rules pertaining to that specific activity.

The Code of Conduct applies to all members and guests. Members shall be specifically responsible for the actions of their guests.

The MST, its members, and guests of its members shall: 

  1. Uphold the reputation and integrity of the MST, by complying with all bylaws, policies, codes and other rules and regulations of the MST.
  2. Refrain from conduct that is detrimental to the MST and its members, or that misrepresents the aims and ethics of the MST.
  3. Engage in the responsible pursuit of mycology that refrains from practices and statements that endanger or may endanger the safety of any individual person or the general public.
  4. Engage in and advocate the responsible collection, use and consumption of mushrooms.
  5. Respect all persons and refrain from words, actions and behaviours, in any medium, that demonstrate disrespect, intimidation or harassment toward other members, guests, suppliers, organizations or any other persons or entities interacting with MST.
  6. Respect nature and observe the laws and rules that govern the preservation and care of our natural environment.
  7. Respect private property and observe the laws, rules and conditions of owners and custodians of such properties, particularly those of parks commissions and Conservation Authorities.
  8. Abide by the laws of Canada, the province of Ontario and all local jurisdictions at which MST conducts business and at which MST activities occur.
  9. Keep confidential any personal and private information that may come to one’s knowledge in the course of one’s roles, duties and responsibilities with the MST.
  10. Keep foray location information confidential and out of the possession of non-members.
  11. Act with honesty and integrity when fulfilling one’s roles and responsibilities, and transacting any business on behalf of the MST.
  12. Honour personal debts to the MST:
    1. Pay any fees in a timely manner, in relation to an MST activity which has been committed to, and in accordance with any cancellation policy specific to that event.
    2. Acknowledge that tickets for MST activities cannot be transferred or sold to a non-member.

Violations of the Code of Conduct

The Board of Directors of the MST may suspend or revoke the membership of any member who is deemed to behave in a manner contrary to the above code of conduct, in accordance with the policy on code of conduct violations.