How to Check in to a Foray

For safety reasons, the MST needs to know which of our members are present at a foray. If someone doesn't return from the woods, or if there are cars left behind in the parking lot when the foray is finished, the foray leaders need to know so that those members can be contacted or helped.

In past years, MST foray participants were used to signing in on a paper form when they arrived at a foray. They would write down the names of every participant, a phone number and the license plate number of the car they arrived in.

Beginning with the fall 2020 foray season, we have moved to an online check-in system, primarily to facilitate contact tracing due to COVID-19.

Foray participants are required to check in when they arrive at the foray location. It is critically important that every group or member checks in, and that the MST has a record of every foray participant, both for safety and for contact tracing.

Checking in is done using your smartphone. If you don't have a smartphone, get someone to help you who does, or speak with the foray leader and they will check you in.

You don't need to be signed in to the website to check in! You can even borrow someone's phone and check in as yourself even if they're already signed in as themselves, as long as you use your own email address.

This page explains how to check in at a foray and how to change or cancel a check-in. Since checking in is intended to be done with a phone, we only show what the check-in page looks like with a phone, and not with a desktop computer.

Check in to a foray

Open your phone's web browser app (Safari, Chrome, Samsung Internet, etc.) and go to

If you can't remember the address of the checkin page when you get to the foray, you can also go to the Check in to a Foray item in the main website menu:

1. Tap the three-line icon in the top left of every page
2. The site menu will open. Swipe up on the menu until you see the Check in to a Foray item.
3. Tap Check in to a Foray

The MST Foray Check-In page will automatically show the day's foray.

Foray check-in is available 30 minutes before the scheduled start time of the foray (so usually 9:15am) and until the scheduled end time of the foray (usually 1:00pm).

If registration was required for this foray (which will be all MST forays in 2020-21), the page will look like the first image below - it will include a notice about registration, and the button will say Get my Registration. If the foray didn't require registration, the button will say Start Check-In.

Enter your email address in the Your email address box and tap the button. The email address must be the email address you use to log in to the website (the primary email address of your MST membership).

You don't need to be signed in to the website to check in - in fact you can borrow someone's phone and check in as yourself even if they're already signed in. Just make sure to use your own email address in the box.

If the foray required registration, and you came to the foray without registering, you may not be able to attend the foray. The foray leader must consider whether the group would be a manageable size including you, and if social distancing will still be possible in the identification area. This decision is entirely at the discretion of the foray leader. Please speak to the foray leader and ask if you can attend before continuing your check-in.

On the next screen, enter a contact number where you can be reached during the foray (ideally the phone you're using to check in) in the Your contact number box. If you're signed in to the website, your phone number will automatically be filled in.

Enter the license plate number of the car you arrived in into the License plate number box. If you car-pooled to the foray, enter the driver's plate number. Don't worry about upper-case or lower-case letters in the plate number; it doesn't matter.

If you didn't arrive by car, tap the No button under Did you come to the foray by car? and the license plate box will disappear.

Your personal information is safe with the MST. Only board members and the leader of the day's foray are able to see your check-in details, and even the foray leader will no longer be able to see them once the foray's over. If you have more questions, see the MST's Privacy Policy.

Swipe up to scroll down the page.

1. If this is a registration foray, the page will look like the first image below, and you'll see a list of the participants you registered. Each will have Attending and Not attending buttons under their name. If anyone you registered didn't come to the foray, tap Not attending for them.

If this is a non-registration foray, the page will look like the second image below, and you'll see boxes where you can enter a first and last name for every person attending. Your family members will automatically be filled in, if you've kept them up to date in your membership profile. If you need more boxes, tap the green plus-symbol button. If you make a mistake and need to remove someone, tap the red minus-symbol button beside their name.

2. Check the box to indicate that all the adult participants in your group accept the General Release and the COVID-19 requirements for attending a foray (scroll down to see both), and agree to the MST's Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy.

3. Tap the Finish Check-In button to save your check-in, or the Cancel Check-In button to return to the beginning.

For registration forays, you'll also see a grey "Add Participants" button below the list of names, which you can use to enter the names of anyone who came with you to the foray who wasn't included when you registered. Please speak to the foray leader before adding participants to your registration, because there may not be space for them.

Your check-in has now been saved. If you accidentally entered a wrong phone number or license plate number, you can change them now.

Note that for reasons of privacy, if you're not signed in to the website the phone number you just saved in your check-in won't be shown and you'll need to re-enter it to save any changes.

At the bottom of the page after you save a check-in, there will be three buttons. If you make any changes to the check-in details, tap the Save changes button. To return to the beginning without making any changes, tap the Cancel Changes button.

If you decide to leave without attending the foray after all, tap the Cancel Check-In button.

If you tap the Cancel Check-In button, you'll be asked if you're sure you want to cancel. Tap the No button if you don't want to cancel, and the Yes button if you're sure.