More Cain Foray tickets available soon

The next block of 25 tickets for the MST's 2021 Cain Foray will go on sale on Sunday, August 29th at 12:00pm.

In order to maximize the opportunity for our existing members to attend, this block of tickets will be available to MST members only. That means you'll have to sign in to the website with your email address and password in order to register. If you can't remember your password, please visit to request a password reset.

Unfortunately, since we've reached the maximum number of children the event can handle, this block of tickets is limited to adult and offsite participants.

The health and safety of our members is of primary importance to the MST. To keep our more vulnerable members safe, the MST requires all Cain Foray participants over 12 years of age to be fully vaccinated, or to provide a negative COVID-19 test. Please see below for more information.

If you aren't able to come to the Cain, don't worry. Very soon we'll be announcing our fall 2021 schedule of weekend day forays, included with your MST membership. Watch your email and the website for that announcement! More details about our fall forays are available at

More details and online registration are available at

Cain Foray and COVID-19

The health and safety of our members is of primary importance to the MST. To keep our more vulnerable members safe, the MST requires all Cain Foray participants over 12 years of age to be fully-vaccinated, or to provide a negative COVID-19 test.

Participants will be required to sign a statement at check-in confirming their vaccination status, and to complete a COVID-19 symptom self-assessment. If you're unable to be vaccinated, it's required that you bring a negative result from a rapid COVID-19 test (like this one) taken no earlier than September 15th.

Those arriving with or developing COVID-19 symptoms during the event will be sent home to rest and recover. Please note that while the MST's board of directors strongly encourages all those who can be vaccinated to do so, we cannot guarantee the vaccination status of all Cain Foray participants or staff at Lumina Resort. All adult participants will be required to sign a waiver accepting that attendance is at their own risk. Policies around masking and social distancing will be announced in September, under guidance from government and public health agencies.

Due to the uncertainty of travel and border restrictions, a keynote speaker has not been arranged this year. Saturday evening will feature a set of workshops instead of a speaker.

If last-minute capacity limits or government restrictions are imposed and we have more participants than allowed, refunds will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis to participants who wish to cancel. If there aren't enough voluntary cancellations, registrations will be cancelled with a full refund on a latest-registration-first basis. If there are no last-minute capacity restrictions, the normal Cain Foray cancellation policy will apply.

If you're participating in the Cain as a single person, you'll be assigned either a private room in the main lodge (with your own washroom) or your own room in a cabin shared with others (and a shared washroom). If you don't feel safe with this arrangement, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or register as an offsite participant and find alternate accommodation.

2021 Cain Foray Registration Open

The first block of tickets to the 2021 Cain Foray have all been sold in the first 4 hours. The MST thanks our members for the unprecedented demand this year. Please watch this page and your email for the second block of tickets to go on sale in mid-August.

Friday September 17th to Sunday September 19th

Lumina Resort Muskoka

Please join us at this year's Cain Foray, our annual weekend of mushrooming in the wilderness!

The Cain is a weekend of finding, learning, friendship and fun. Rain or shine, the camaraderie is always enjoyable. Our resident group of mycologists and special guests will offer you fascinating insights into the intriguing world of mushrooms.

This year's Cain Foray is from September 17th - 19th at the Lumina Resort in Muskoka.

The Cain Foray weekend includes:

  • BBQ reception on Friday evening
  • Keynote speaker or workshop
  • Guided forays on Saturday and on Sunday morning
  • Informative talks on mushrooms
  • Beach bonfire on Saturday evening
  • A fantastic mushroom cookup and pot-luck lunch on Sunday
  • Dinner on Friday, all meals on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday
  • 2 nights resort-style accommodation, and use of the resort's amenities

Experts are on hand all weekend to discuss and identify your mushroom finds!

More details and online registration are available at

Foray cancellations and membership extension

With the news from the Ontario government that all outdoor activities with non-household members are forbidden, at least until May 20th, the MST must regrettably cancel the spring foray season at this time. We understand your frustration and feel it as well. The board had some new things planned for the club, but we have yet to be able to implement them.

The board has also decided to postpone the Annual General Meeting normally held in April, since our last AGM wasn't very long ago. Some members have been asking about whether the Cain Foray will be held this year. We can't know yet if it will be possible, but we're watching gathering and border restrictions and if we can possibly hold the Cain, we will.

In lieu of the spring foray season, the board has again decided to extend memberships by 6 months. Your membership extension has already been applied. Your new expiry date is reflected in your membership profile, and in the Member Details section which you'll see on the left side of most pages on our website when signed in. If you received a notice in February, March or April that your membership had expired, don't worry – we've still applied the extension, and your membership is active again. If you have any questions about your membership or the extension, please don't hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. any time.

While we can't offer forays or in-person workshops, we do have some resources for you to use as self study. Have a look at the list of Self-Study Resources below – just make sure you're logged in to the MST website to access the members-only areas.

Additionally, the website still offers lots of interest: photo galleries, videos of meeting speakers, and back issues of our Mycelium newsletter. And our Facebook group is busy with identification challenges, too!

We look forward to welcoming you back at MST events as soon as we can.

Best wishes,

The MST Board of Directors

Self-Study Resources

We have basic mushroom hunting and identification covered for you:

Looking to safely foray and explore your backyard or nearest park solo or with your household?

Tree identification courses are a fantastic way to step up your mushroom hunting game. We are lucky enough to have two!

Do you want the mushrooms to come to you? Check out these cultivation videos:

Some interesting fungal truths you might not have known about:

City dweller? Check out:

Bookworm? Here are some great reads: