2018 Fall Dinner November 26th

We are very pleased to announce that our Fall Mushroom Dinner will be held on Monday, November 26th at our favourite Piatto Restaurant.

Please join us for an evening of fun, friendship and fine dining!

Seating is limited to 75 persons - it's always a sell-out so reserve early.

The price is $65 per person. Please pay online at http://www.myctor.org/events/dinner.

For further information please contact Joanne Hamblin, MST President at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Intro to Field ID Course room change

Due to unanticipated demand we've switched from Studio 2 (upstairs) to the Garden Hall (downstairs) at the TBG. With the larger room there's now no cap on attendance.

Specimens, Specimens, and More Specimens!

The annual Cain Foray is #WorthIt for the Sort, but it is important to pay close attention to the specimens you collect on the forays. In general, the Mycological Society advises against over-picking fungi which may mean curbing your enthusiasm somewhat and not duplicating specimens (see mushroomer’s code).

At the Cain Foray typically 270+ species of fungi are collected. What’s interesting is that different weather conditions affect what is collected in abundance.

For example:

  • In 2011, it was a great year for parasitism. We were instructed to look for specimens with powdery coatings, or gills that had been aborted by overgrowth of a second fungi species.
  • In 2015, the sorting tables were nearly devoid of Tricholoma, Entoloma and Cortinarius and many of the boletes that were brought back were unidentifiable due to Hypomyces Chrysopermus, a cottony soft ascomycete parasite.
  • Unusually high numbers of bolete species were reported in 2004.
  • Slime molds were big in 2006.
  • Only two specimens of Leotia Stipitata were found in 1979, at the Dorset location.

What will be in abundance this year? We look forward to finding out at this year’s Cain. See you there!

Registration is open for this year's Cain.

Cain Foray sorting tables

Supercharge your Cain Foray Experience

This year the Cain Foray will be based at Lumina Resort on Lake of Bays in Muskoka Ontario.

Lumina has many amenities - including a pool, bar, waterfront activities, and shuffleboard—and a gigantic room to do our sorting in! These together with the extensive grounds of the resort allow plenty of opportunity for Mycological Society members to #supercharge their Cain experience!

In addition to fun fungi forays, wonderful meals with friends, and exciting guest mycologists who share their expertise, we have special activities planned including:

  • Friday night BBQ dinner and reception
  • Saturday night bonfire
  • A fungi cook-up

Last year everyone enjoyed a dip in the lake to beat the heat and this year we are thrilled to be back at the Lumina Resort again!

Registration is open for this year's Cain.

Lumina Resort