Membership Expiry Dates Now Shown When Signed In

Registered MST members will now see their membership number and current membership expiry date when signed into the website with their username and password.

Desktop users will see their member details in the top left sidebar on most pages, and mobile users will see them after swiping down past the page content.

Member details, desktop view


Member details, mobile view

If your membership is expiring soon, or has expired, you'll be prompted to renew by seeing one of the messages below. Clicking the "renew now" link will take you to the membership renewal form.

Member details renewal messages

All MST members have usernames and passwords assigned to them and provided via email. If you don't know your username or password, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or use the password reset and username reminder features under the Login/Logout menu.

Password reset and username reminder feature, desktop view


Password reset and username reminder feature, mobile view

Remembering Stella Tracy (1933-2015)

Stella Tracy died on February 18, 2015, but she will be fondly remembered by many MST members. Stella joined the Mycological Society of Toronto in 1977, and was one of only a few members still active in the Society who joined MST during its early years. Stella was Membership Secretary and then Membership Director from 1994-2013, and she also served as webmaster from 2001-2013.

For many people, Stella was their first contact in MST, either through mail or email, or in person as she greeted people at our meetings. She was a regular attendee at the Cain Foray in years past, and helped to organize the Fungi Fair, an event which MST held following the Cain Foray for more than 20 years. In recent years, ill health made it increasingly difficult for her to participate in MST activities, but we will always be grateful for her many contributions to the Society over the years, as a member of the Board, through the website, at the Cain Foray, and at meetings and other events.

March 16th Speaker Announced

The speaker for the March 16th meeting will be Bruno Pretto of Mycosource Inc. Bruno will be presenting on Mushroom Cultivation on Hardwood Logs.

Mycosource specializes in spawn production for the cultivation of shiitake and oyster mushrooms on hardwood logs. They endeavor to act as an educational enterprise for the dissemination of products and information about mushrooms and mushroom cultivation as part of a diversified and sustainable forest ecosystem.

February 9th Meeting Video Available

Jan Thornhill’s presentation The Big World of Tiny Ascomycetes is now available to MST members to watch on the meetings video page.

MST meeting video screenshot

Jan Thornhill is a writer, photographer, amateur mycologist, and prolific blogger. While her books aim to make nature accessible to young audiences, her blog Weird and Wonderful Wild Mushrooms frequently features small and easily overlooked rarities. Her work is also frequently featured in the Mycelium, the MST’s quarterly newsletter.