April 19th Speaker Series Video Available

Sara Scharf's presentation History of Field Guides is now available to MST members to watch on the meetings video page.

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Sara Scharf received her doctorate in the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology from the University of Toronto in 2007. Her research focused on the origins and development of field guides in 18th century botany, more precisely, the coalescence of information management techniques that allow people to look things up when they do not know what those things are called. She worked in a variety of fields before landing in cybersecurity, though she also moonlights as an academic editor. Dr. Scharf lives in Toronto with a variety of plants, fish, and reptiles. She has been a member of the Mycological Society of Toronto on and off since the 1990s. 

Annual General Meeting May 17th at 7:30pm

The Annual General Meeting of the Mycological Society of Toronto will be held this year on Wednesday, May 17th at 7:30pm, online via Zoom.

At the Annual Meeting the financial statements from the previous year are reviewed, resolutions for the upcoming year are decided, and MST members elect the incoming Board of Directors.

We have a fantastic AGM planned for you!

  • Fabulous prizes and games (trivia questions and a door prize of one $75 gift card from Mycoboutique
  • Participate in the board election
  • Efficient – we are going to keep the meeting around 45 minutes, so have your whole evening free afterwards!

Remember, this is your MST. All members have a voice and a vote - so if you have an interest in shaping the activities and the future direction of the MST, please attend! We're looking forward to seeing as many members, old and new, as possible at this year's Annual Meeting.

How to Join:

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  1. President’s Address
  2. Trivia question 1
  3. Financials
  4. Trivia question 2
  5. Election
    • Preamble & procedure - polls
    • Review of election slate
    • Open nominations from the floor
    • Election
  6. Door prize draw

Games & Prizes

  • Trivia - Be the first to type the correct answer into the meeting chat to win one of two $50 gift cards from Mycoboutique
  • Door prize – a $75 gift card will be given to a random participant at the end of the meeting; you must be online in the meeting to win

We hope to see you there!

Board of Directors Position Available

The position of Secretary will become vacant for 2023–2024.

Apply for this position if you like to:

  • Make sure our meetings are recorded and accurate for future reference
  • You want to help, but only have a few hours a month

The Secretary's responsibilities are:

  • Attending meetings of the Board of Directors (monthly via Zoom)
  • Scheduling and creating agendas for board meetings
  • Producing minutes of board meetings

The time commitment is 3–5 hours per month. The Secretary must be at all board meetings, but we are flexible when booking the date and time so we should be able to find a time where you’re able to join us. For more details please read the following Expectations and Responsibilities for Board Members document.

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Volunteering on the Board of Directors for the Mycological Society of Toronto is an especially important commitment. You are helping to shape the future policies and direction of our beloved mushroom club. However, it is a lot of fun and rewarding to work with us. We encourage a very inclusive and professional atmosphere.

If you're interested in this position please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The deadline for applications is Wednesday, May 10th at 5pm ET.

Myco-Consortium talk April 30: Christian Volbracht

As part of the MST's membership in the Myco-Consortium series of Zoom talks, MST members are invited to join the presentation on Sunday, April 30th at 11am ET:

Mycological Illustration: History, Techniques, Problems

A talk by Christian Volbracht
Sunday April 30th, 11am ET

In his lecture, Christian Volbracht will give an overview of the history of illustration of fungi in printed books. He will present numerous examples of printed drawings and paintings of mushrooms from Europe, America and Asia, covering five centuries, from 1491 to the present. He will explain the various printing techniques from woodcuts to colored copper engravings to colored lithography and modern printing, describing the progress of the different illustration methods. Of particular interest are the colored copper engravings of fungi in the 18th century by Bulliard, Sowerby and Schaeffer, which are still important today as first diagnoses of new species. Volbracht will also go over problems which can arise when using the old figures of mushrooms

About Christian Volbracht

Christian Volbracht is a German journalist, amateur mycologist, and author and specialist in old mushroom literature. He has worked as a news journalist for the German Press Agency dpa for more than 40 years, including ten years as head of the agency’s Paris office. Parallel to his career as a journalist, he collected mushroom books, compiled an important private library and built an online shop for antiquarian mushroom books. Eventually, he published MykoLibri, a comprehensive illustrated bibliography of his collection, covering works from the 15th to the 20th centuries. The two volumes of MykoLibri are now recognized as the standard bibliography for mycological literature – for collectors, dealers, researchers and librarians. Recently, Volbracht wrote a book on the scientific and cultural history of truffles. He lives in Hamburg, Germany.

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