#WorthIt for the Sort

This year at the Cain we'll be having special table tours to help orient and excite new and old MST members alike!

Harry Potter had the sorting hat… but mycologists of the Mycological Society of Toronto are all about the sorting table! If you get excited about the sorting table at one of our regular weekend forays you will be blown away by the tables at the Cain! It's #WorthIt for the sort.

200+ mushroom species in a weekend requires supersizing the sorting area - from a single folding table to an entire room!

The task of classifying fungi at the Cain is made easier by the green and white coloured signs that are placed on the tables denoting Class and Genus… You'll receive a list "Sorting Groups for Mushroom Species" in your orientation package… this will help you identify fungi from Amanita to Xylaria!

Registration is open for this year's Cain.

Cain Foray mushroom sorting tables