Remembering Stella Tracy (1933-2015)

Stella Tracy died on February 18, 2015, but she will be fondly remembered by many MST members. Stella joined the Mycological Society of Toronto in 1977, and was one of only a few members still active in the Society who joined MST during its early years. Stella was Membership Secretary and then Membership Director from 1994-2013, and she also served as webmaster from 2001-2013.

For many people, Stella was their first contact in MST, either through mail or email, or in person as she greeted people at our meetings. She was a regular attendee at the Cain Foray in years past, and helped to organize the Fungi Fair, an event which MST held following the Cain Foray for more than 20 years. In recent years, ill health made it increasingly difficult for her to participate in MST activities, but we will always be grateful for her many contributions to the Society over the years, as a member of the Board, through the website, at the Cain Foray, and at meetings and other events.


Nancy Ironside2015-03-04 11:52#1
With every club death the face of what was, to me, the MST changes. But that is the way of the world. She, and her very supportive husband, have been missed for the last several years. I loved the different postage stamps that came with the mailings.