Myco-Consortium talk Mar. 18: Susan Hopkins

As part of the MST's membership in the Myco-Consortium series of Zoom talks, MST members are invited to join the presentation on Friday, March 18th at 7pm ET:

Mushrooms: unique natural dyers

A talk by Susan Hopkins
Friday March 18th, 7pm ET

This talk is an introduction to mushroom dyeing. Susan will go over basic procedure including preparation and mordanting of the wool, creation of the dye bath and some variables that can affect the color like pH and the source of the water used. She'll introduce us the species of wild mushrooms that have been found to have the most interesting pigments that can be easily taken up by the wool from a hot water bath. She will also talk about the International Fungi and Fibre Symposiums where mushroom dyers and crafters get together every two years to share their experiments and learn from each other.

About Susan Hopkins

Susan Hopkins learned how to identify fungi as a member of the New Jersey Mycological Association of which she has been a member for 42 years. After attending the 1993 International Fungi-Fibre Symposium in Scotland she became a “dyer”, learning the use of various species of wild fungi to dye wool. She has attended many International Fungi and Fibre Symposiums over the years, traveling to Scandinavia, Spain, Estonia and Australia. Identification is her main focus with a special interest in the tooth fungi including the genus Hydnellum, Phellodon, and Sarcodon. Susan lives in the Adirondacks, learning the local fungi while continuing to do lectures, walks, and demonstrations on fungi and mushroom dyeing. 

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