March 29th Meeting Video Available

Sheila Mazur's presentation Mushroom Hunting 101 is now available to MST members to watch on the meetings video page.

MST meeting video screenshot

This very basic Mushroom Hunting 101 course focuses specifically on fundamental skills in order to describe and identify edible mushrooms that are known as the "Friendly" or "Foolproof" Four, as well as a few other edible mushrooms that are very unique looking and don't have many poisonous look-alikes. You will also learn how to identify a few very toxic mushrooms in Ontario. We will also discuss harvesting and preservation techniques.

Sheila Mazur is an amateur forager, and has been studying edible and medicinal plants for over 20 years. Sheila joined the Mycological Society of Toronto by attending Pat Burchell's Mushroom ID course back in September 2016, and has been a fungi enthusiast ever since. She lives in the eastern GTA with her wife and three disobedient dogs (two Bostons and a rescue Boxer). Professionally, Sheila is a legal research trainer, and her interests are cooking, baking, roleplaying games, art and history.