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  • From the MST Collections: The Mushroom Models: Lactarius subdulcis

From the MST Collections: The Mushroom Models: Lactarius subdulcis

The model below is part of the MST's collection of mushroom models. This collection once belonged to a single individual and they bear the stamp of the owner and his location in West Berlin. The objects are from the 1920s or 1930s based on the text and type face. The translations from old German were completed by one of our members over the last year. Please note that many of the mushrooms in this collection have had their classifications change over time. Many that were once considered as edible are now classified as poisonous, and the translated text may no longer be considered accurate in modern terms.

Lactarius subdulcis Bull. Edible.

Cap feels like chammy cloth, dry cinnamon brown, light yellow brown rarely dark brown, 1-5 cm widen thin, in the beginning somewhat convex later with a dip in the middle. Gills: pale reddish - white. Milk: white, mild. Stem: coloured the same as the cap, but a bit paler. 1-3 cm high, thin, sometimes thickening in the middle. In the young stages covered with a layer that looks like hoar frost, later reddish and then hollow. Plentiful in the fall in woods.

Mushroom modelMushroom model