From NJMA: Mushrooming from Home

A great list of mycology links and suggestions from our friends at the New Jersey Mycological Association.

The NJMA also has a great website at that is fun to browse, with a large archive of their newsletters on the site.

Tom Bigelow, president of the New York Mycological Society and member of NJMA, put together this wonderful resource for all of us mushroomers who are stuck at home right now. I've added a few things to it, but most of this was put together by Tom, who I am very grateful to for allowing me to share this with the club.

Since we are missing out on our upcoming lectures and workshops, and many of us cannot even leave our homes, please use these wonderful resources to keep your mushroom minds sharp! And even though we cannot gather together for our fungi festivities, please don't forget to stay in touch with each other. Especially remember to call our elders and those home alone. This is a scary time, but we will get through it and be out in the field soon!!!

See you soon,
Luke Smithson
NJMA Education Chair


Soup Up your Audubon Guide!

If you're looking for some mycological activities at home, why not soup-up your Audubon Guide by adding current binomials to the plates! To do this, go to indexfungorum and type in the binomial used in the text of the Audubon Guide, click on the "search" button, and the current name comes up in green. You can then double-check the name on iNaturalist - if they disagree, go with the iNaturalist name. If you have a label printer, print out the new name and affix it to the plate - or make your own labels, or simply write it in. Just remember, names are changing frequently and you'll need to update every once in a while!

Deepen Your Involvement in iNaturalist

You can also deepen your involvement in iNaturalist by checking out this video tutorial Explore iNaturalist When You're Stuck at Home.

Online Reading & Resources

If you're looking for some online reading, or want to brush up on your favorite mushrooms, there are some great websites you can peruse:

More Videos...

Check out the series of interviews with prominent mycologists available on youtube - search "An Oral History of Mycology." There are over 50 (!) interviews in this ongoing series.

Violetta White Delafield

If you happened to miss this fantastic article on about Violetta White Delafield, please read it! Her drawings are stunningly beautiful. All of the links throughout the article lead to papers about the fungi discussed - it's a lovely and fascinating rabbit-hole to get lost in.

Lewis David von Schweinitz also has an article on the paintings of early American mycologist Lewis David von Schweinitz. The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel, located in Philadelphia, has digitized his beautiful paintings and can be found here. (If you are interested in other natural history artwork that the Academy has digitized, go here.