#Facts about the Cain Foray

  1. Fantastic fungi finds are the goal of the weekend. In 2017, we collected 242 species and added 18 new species to the list!
  2. Picking your favourite fungi of the weekend tends to be difficult!
  3. Frivolous fungi fans, fanatics and friends (from as far away as Finland) have been coming together at the Cain Foray for 40 years!
  4. Lumina Resort will be the host site for this year’s Cain. We’ve said goodbye and Tally-ho to the Tally-ho Inn which was the home of the Cain from 2002 — 2016.

Cain signup has already begun. Register now and spend your summer anticipating forays, forays, and more forays!

Cain Foray mushroom sorting tables