2020 Cain Foray cancellation

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, the Board of Directors has decided to cancel the 2020 Cain Foray.

We know this will be disappointing for many of our members, even though it's probably not a surprise. Most mycological clubs cancelled their yearly forays quite some time ago, including the NAMA and NEMF forays.

The MST has been a little slower to cancel in the hope that the situation would improve. We've now seen the opinions of our members since last week's survey, and most of you feel that it's still not quite safe enough.

Unfortunately, the Board isn't able to see a way forward for 2020 which will both ensure the safety of our members and volunteers and make the Cain a successful event.

At this point, we are planning to have a fall foray season which will include appropriate safety measures, and online meetings in the coming months. Please watch your email for announcements.

Please stay safe and healthy, and we look forward to welcoming you to the Cain again in 2021!