Tim Myles: 2013 Summer Foray to Guelph

Date: Sunday, June 16, 2013 (Father’s Day)
Foray Leader & Reporter: Tim and Alicesara Myles

After a light morning rain let up we headed out to investigate a few of our collecting spots in forested areas around Guelph.  A heavy spray of DEET was essential to keep this year’s mosquito hoards at bay.  One of our favourite places for meadow mushrooms was still deep in standing water.  We noticed several clumps of oyster mushrooms, Pleurotus ostreatus, on fallen poplars that would have been perfect a week ago but now were not worth collecting.  Dead elms had little bunches of, sticky capped, orange velvet foots, Flammulina velutipes, popping out, but too small to pick.  At this point of the season we are tired of Polyporus squamosus , so passed on those.  So our baskets were light on edibles.  Nevertheless within a few hours we did see around 39 fungus species, as follows:


  1. Mystery slime mould


  1. Scutellinia scutellata, eyelash cups on rotten wood
  2. Peziza praetervisa, on very rotten wood, light brown cups
  3. Peziza badia, on the ground around cut logs, large olive brown cups
  4. Peziza vesiculosa, yellowish cups, on the ground or in moss
  5. Xylaria polypormpha, dead man’s fingers, at the base of rotting stumps


  1. Dacrymyces stillatus, common jelly spot, on logs
  2. Clavicorona pyxidata, crown coral
  3. Trichaptum biforme, purple toothed polypore, on dead wood
  4. Trametes versicolor, turkeytail, on logs
  5. Cryptoporus volvatus , veiled polyporeon pine logs
  6. Polyporus squamosus, Dryad’s saddle, on logs
  7. Polyporus varius = leptocephalus, black foot polypore, dead sticks
  8. Polyporus varius var. elegans, elegant polypore, on logs
  9. Stereum ostrea, false turkeytail, logs
  10. Pluteus atricapilus, deer mushroom, on log
  11. Coprinus disseminates, trooping crumblcaps, in troops around base of stump
  12. Coprinus radians? Orange fuzz caps, on ground
  13. Psathyrella candolleana, commom Psathyrellas
  14. Agrocybe molesta?, hard Agrocybe, on the ground
  15. Crepidotus applanatus, flat oysterettes, on logs
  16. Crepidotus mollis, soft oysterettes, on fallen logs
  17. Rickenella fibula, orange moss caps, on mossy logs
  18. Clitocybe gibba on the ground, in needles under pines
  19. Gymnopus drophilus, in white pine needles
  20. Gymnopus confluens?, in needles
  21. Marasmius androsaceus
  22. Marasmius rotula or capillaries
  23. Mycena acicula, vermillion bonnets
  24. Mycena haematopus, bleeding bonnets
  25. Mycena epipterygia, yellow leg bonnets
  26. Mycena leaiana, orange bonnets
  27. Mycena algeriensis, Algerian bonnets
  28. Mycena alkaline, alkaline bonnets,
  29. Mycena delicatella, delicate bonnets
  30. Flammulina velutipes, velvet foot mushroom
  31. Cyptotrama asprata, scruffy golden mushroom
  32. Pleurotus ostreatus, oyster mushrooms
  33. Schizophyllum commune, common split gill