2014 Fall Forays Summary

  1. 2014 Fall Foray Director's Report
  2. 2014 Fall Forays Collections Summary

The autumn of 2014 treated us to an abundant display of fungi and their fanciful fruiting bodies. It was a pretty good year for mushrooms! The fall itself wasn’t overly wet, but the summer leading up to it was moist and mild. Miserable as it may have been for many cottagers, it seemed to be the perfect conditions for many species of fungi. They started sending up their fruiting bodies in prolific numbers as early as August, especially a little further north in cottage country, and treated us to a splendid display right through to late October until the frost came heavy and the forest floor was laden with fallen leaves.

As it was in the tradition of previous years, we had our first foray in early September and continued to foray at least once a week right through to late October. In fact, we conducted 12 forays during that time. A couple of the forays were made on a Wednesday, but for the most part they happened on the weekends. Our annual weekend-long Cain foray happened on the 20th of September this year up near Huntsville, and was a great success. Thanks to everyone who helped to make that possible.

Foray participation was up this year, especially in the latter half of the season after a popular website, BlogTO, did a story on the society. We had an average of 24 participants per foray this year, and near the end of the season we had as many as 33 folks out on the 18th in Barrie, and 44 on the 25th at the York region foray. Many of the newcomers had signed up to become members and we look forward to having them out with us on forays in the spring, as well as next fall.

As for our collections this year, we were able to identify as many as 97 species on a single foray, but our average was about 67 species identified per foray. I encourage folks to have a look on the MST website (www.myctor.org) under the ‘forays’ tab, and check out the 2014 Fall Forays Collections Summary for a more detailed overview. You can also find data available from past years, photos, and more!

Thanks to everyone for coming out, being cooperative, and making this a fantastic year! It’s been a lot of fun! Thanks to all the foray leaders and board members who’ve volunteered their time to organize everything and share their knowledge. And thanks to the land, the forests, and the fungi for this beauty and wisdom. Have a great winter and we’ll see you in the spring of 2015!

- David Jenkins, Foray Director

2014 Fall Forays Collections Summary


  Foray 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
  Date Sept. 6, 2014
Sept. 7, 2014
Sept. 13, 2014
Sept. 17, 2014
Sept. 27, 2014
Sept. 28, 2014
Oct. 4, 2014
Oct. 8, 2014
Oct. 11, 2014
Oct. 12, 2014
Oct. 18, 2014
Oct. 25, 2014
  Location York Region Midhurst Dufferin Palgrave Durham Starkey Hills Palgrave Dufferin Erin Durham Midhurst York Region
  Foray Leaders P. Burchell
J. Thornhill
F. Smith
U. Pascali
D. A. White
G. Koczkur
D. Jenkins
D.A. White
J. Thornhill
T. Wright
T. Myles D. Heal
B. Kokron
U. Pascali
J. Werner
T. Myles
K. McAuslan
J. Thornhill R. Aaron
T. Wright
P. Burchell
  No. of forayers
(Average 23.8)
24   11 19 25 20   18   20 33 44
Species Collected No. Collected 55 0 37 43 65 46 0 56 0 21 73 50
Gilled Fungi
Agaricus silvaticus 3     x               x x
Amanita bisporigera 1         x              
Amanita citrina 6 x   x   x     x   x x  
Amanita flavoconia 2         x         x    
Amanita fulva 1         x              
Amanita muscaria 4     x x x           x  
Amanita virosa 4 x   x         x     x  
Armillaria mellea 3 x             x     x  
Armillaria ostoyae 3               x   x   x
Baeospora myosura 1                       x
Cantharellula umbonata 1     x                  
Chroogomphus rutilus 4       x x         x x  
Clitocybe clavipes 5 x   x x       x     x  
Clitocybe gibba 1                     x  
Clitocybe martiorum 4     x   x         x x  
Clitocybe robusta 3         x     x     x  
Coprinus atramentarius 2 x         x            
Coprinus micaceus 3           x   x       x
Cortinarius alboviolaceus 3 x       x x            
Cortinarius delibutus 2         x             x
Cortinarius semisanguineus 1                     x  
Crepidotus mollis 2 x                   x  
Cystoderma amianthinum 3     x               x x
Entoloma abortivum 4               x   x x x
Entoloma strictius 2         x           x  
Flammulina velutipes 2       x   x            
Galerina autumnalis 7 x     x x x   x   x   x
Gomphidius glutinosus 2         x           x  
Gymnopilus penetrans 1       x                
Hebeloma crustuliniforme 5       x x x         x x
Hygrocybe cantharellus 4 x       x x       x    
Hygrocybe coccinea 2 x             x        
Hygrocybe conica 4     x x x x            
Hygrocybe flavescens 4 x         x   x       x
Hygrocybe miniata 1       x                
Hygrocybe pratensis 5     x x       x     x x
Hygrocybe psittacina 2       x       x        
Hygrocybe virginea 2         x           x  
Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca 2 x             x        
Hygrophorus chrysodon 1         x              
Hygrophorus eburneus 1                     x  
Hygrophorus erubescens 2               x     x  
Hygrophorus pudorinus 1                     x  
Hygrophorus russula 1               x        
Hygrophorus sordidus 2     x   x              
Hypholoma capnoides 4               x   x x x
Hypholoma fasciculare 3         x     x     x  
Hypholoma sublateritium 3     x   x     x        
Inocybe geophylla v. lilacina 1                   x    
Inocybe geophylla var. geophylla 2                   x x  
Inocybe rimosa 1 x                      
Laccaria laccata 5 x       x x   x   x    
Lactarius chrysorrheus 4       x       x     x x
Lactarius deterrimus 2               x       x
Lactarius indigo 2     x               x  
Lactarius thyinos 1                     x  
Lactarius vinaceorufescens 4     x   x           x x
Lentinellus cochleatus 1         x              
Lentinellus ursinus 2 x         x            
Lepiota cristata 5       x x x       x   x
Lepiota magnispora 1               x        
Lepista irina 3       x   x           x
Lepista nuda 5 x       x     x     x x
Leucoagaricus naucinus 1               x        
Leucopaxillus albissimus 1                       x
Lyophyllum connatum 1         x              
Macrolepiota procera 1     x                  
Marasmius rotula 3 x   x     x            
Melanoleuca melaleuca 1         x              
Mycena epipterygia 3         x     x     x  
Mycena pura 3         x     x     x  
Mycena subcaerulea 1           x            
Noleana conica 2 x     x                
Panellus serotinus 3               x     x x
Panellus stipticus 2 x         x            
Paxillus atrotomentosus 4 x   x x x              
Pholiota flammans 1         x              
Pholiota squarrosa 1               x        
Pholiota squarrosoides 1       x                
Phyllotopsis nidulans 5 x   x     x       x   x
Pleurotus ostreatus 3 x         x         x  
Plicaturopsis crispa 2 x                   x  
Pluteus cervinus 6 x   x x           x x x
Pluteus umbrosus 2 x             x        
Rhodocollybia butyracea 2           x         x  
Russula brevipes 1                     x  
Russula emetica 1       x                
Russula paludosa 1 x                      
Russula silvicola 1                       x
Schizophyllum commune 1       x                
Tricholoma columbetta 3         x     x     x  
Tricholoma flavovirens 3         x     x     x  
Tricholoma myomyces 4               x   x x x
Tricholoma pessundatum 1           x            
Tricholoma saponaceum 3     x               x x
Tricholoma vaccinum 2                     x x
Tricholoma virgatum 1               x        
Tricholomopsis decora 1 x                      
Tricholomopsis rutilans 3 x     x x              
Xeromphalina campanella 2                   x x  
Xerula furfuracea 4 x   x     x   x        
Boletus edulis 2         x     x        
Chalciporus piperatus 2       x x              
Gyrodon merulioides 2       x   x            
Strobilomyces strobilaceus 1     x                  
Suillus americanus 3       x x x            
Suillus granulatus 6 x     x x x         x x
Suillus luteus 3         x     x     x  
Tylopilus felleus 2     x   x              
Puffballs & Similar
Geastrum triplex 5 x       x         x x x
Lycoperdon perlatum 6       x   x   x   x x x
Lycoperdon pyriforme 4     x x   x           x
Mutinus elegans 1     x                  
Scleroderma areolatum 2         x x            
Scleroderma citrinum 3     x x x              
Chanterelles & Similar
Cantharellus cibarius 1     x                  
Cantharellus cinnabarinus 1     x                  
Morels & False Morels
Helvella crispa 5       x x x         x x
Helvella elastica 2 x       x              
Helvella lacunosa 1                       x
Helvella macropus 1       x                
Coltricia perennis 1                     x  
Daedaleopsis confragosa 7     x x x x       x x x
Favolus alveolaris 1 x                      
Fomes fomentarius 4 x     x   x           x
Fomitopsis pinicola 3 x       x           x  
Ganoderma applanatum 5       x   x   x     x x
Gloeophyllum sepiarium 3     x x             x  
Grifola frondosa 1               x        
Ischnoderma resinosum 7 x   x   x x   x     x x
Laetiporus sulphureus 1                       x
Phaeolus schweinitzii 1         x              
Piptoporus betulinus 4 x     x       x       x
Polyporus brumalis 2           x           x
Polyporus squamosus 3 x     x   x            
Polyporus varius 2 x         x            
Postia caesia 2               x     x  
Postia fragilis 6 x   x x x     x     x  
Trametes elegans 6 x     x x x   x     x  
Trametes pubescens 1                     x  
Trametes suaveolens 1               x        
Trametes versicolor 7 x   x x   x   x     x x
Trichaptum abietinum 2     x               x  
Trichaptum biforme 3       x             x x
Tyromyces chioneus 6 x     x x x   x       x
Parchment & Resupinates
Coniophora puteana 1 x                      
Phlebia tremellosa 2 x       x              
Stereum hirsutum 1           x            
Stereum ostrea 2               x     x  
Tooth Fungi
Hericium coralloides 1 x                      
Hydnum repandum 1                     x  
Coral Fungi
Clavicorona pyxidata 1 x                      
Clavulina cinerea 2         x           x  
Clavulina cristata 2         x           x  
Multiclavula mucida 1 x                      
Ramaria kunzei 1                       x
Ramaria stricta 3 x   x   x              
Ramariopsis crocea 1               x        
Cup Fungi
Bisporella citrina 6 x       x x   x     x x
Chlorociboria aeruginascens 2 x         x            
Peziza repanda 1                       x
Scutellinia scutellata 3           x         x x
Jelly Fungi
Dacrymyces palmatus 4     x x             x x
Dacrymyces stillatus 1               x        
Tremellodendron pallidum 2         x     x        
Club Fungi & Earthtongues
Cordyceps capitata 3         x     x     x  
Leotia lubrica 4     x   x     x     x  
Xylaria polymorpha 3 x         x           x
Carbon-Like Balls & Cushions
Apiosporina morbosa 5 x     x x x   x        
Daldinia concentrica 2         x             x
Ustulina deusta 1 x                      
Hypomyces chrysospermus 2 x       x              
Hypomyces lactifluorum 1                     x  
Slime Moulds
Hemitrichia clavata 1           x            
Lycogala epidendrum 5         x x       x x x
Total (Average 49.6) 446 55 0 37 43 65 46 0 56 0 21 73 50
Raw data available here: ForayReport_2014_Fall.xls