2013 Spring Foray 4 to Palgrave

Date: May 5, 2013
Foray Leaders: John Werner and Michael Dunaev

We had a good turnout for this foray with about 15 vehicles and 30 or so members. The weather was sunny and warm. This area is a mixed forest with plantations of white pine and red pine. Hardwoods include, maple, birch, aspen, willow and others. Wildflowers in bloom included red and white trilliums, bloodroot, coltsfoot, and dandelions. Ostrick fern fiddleheads were also plentiful.

Wildlife sightings included a red-bellied snake, Storeria occipitomaculata and a wild tom turkey, Meleagris gallopavo.

Fungal diversity was low; mostly old polypores but some which are rare or unusual. We collected only one specimen of a black morel and no yellow morels.


  1. Fuligo septica? (scrambled egg slime mould)


  1. Urnula craterium (devil’s urn) 3 specimens
  2. Sarcoscypha austriaca (scarlet cups) 1 specimen
  3. Discina perlata (pig’s ears) 2 specimens
  4. Morchella elata (black morel) 1 specimens
  5. Gyromitra gigas (snowbank false morel) 1 specimen


  1. Trametes versicolor (turkeytail)
  2. Ganoderma applanatum (artist’s conk)
  3. Fomes fomentarius (tinder polypore)
  4. Fomitopsis pinicola (red-belted polypore)
  5. Fomitopsis rosea (rosy polypore)
  6. Polyporus squamosus (Dryad’s saddle)
  7. Trichaptum biforme (purple tooth polypore)
  8. Trichapturm abietinum (purple tooth polypore on conifer)
  9. Gloeophyllum sepiarum (red and yellow gilled polypore)
  10. Stereum hirsutum (false turkey tail)
  11. Phellinus nigricans?
  12. Hohenbuhelia auriscalpium? or H. angustus (spatulate oyster)