2013 Fall Foray 11 to Niagara on the Lake

Date: Wednesday, October 9, 2013
Conditions: Sunny, clear, cool in morning, warming
Attendees: 7 (Richard Schwarz, Jenny Chan, John Bukovec, Monike Lepinksi, Shafiz Mohamed, Umberto and Linda Pascal)
Foray Leader & Reporter: Tim Myles


Myxomycetes (Slime Moulds):

  1. Lycogala epidendrum, wolf’s milk slime mould

Ascomycetes (Sac Fungi):

  1. Chlorencoelia versiformis, yellowish cups on rotten log
  2. Daldinia vernicosa, zoned black fungus on dead branches

Basidiomycetes (Club Fungi)

  1. Lycoperdon perlatum, gem-studded puffballs in cluster on ground
Tooth Fungi:
  1. Irpex lacteus, milk –white toothed polypore
Bracket Fungi:
  1. Meripilus sumsteini, giant polypore, at base of large tree, probably oak. Or the next?
  2. Fomitopsis spraguei, Sprague’s polypore?
  3. Tyromyces chioneus, white cheese polypore on dead wood
  4. Trametes hirsuta, hairy bracket, on fallen dead branches
  5. Trametes versicolor, turkey tail, on fallen log
  6. Daedaleopsis confragosa, rubbery maze pore bracket, on dead branches
  7. Laetiporus cincinatus, chicken of the woods, at base of oak (orange and white, not yellowish)
  8. Phlebia tremellosus, “wiggly squiggly, or trembling Merulius, on rotten log
  9. Grifola frondosa, hen of the woods, at base of tree
  10. Trichaptum biforme purple toothed brackets, on fallen log
  11. Stereum complicatum wrinkled parchment, on logs
  12. Stereum hirsutum, hairy parchment, on logs
  1. Gyroporus castaneus, chestnut bolete on the ground in woods
  1. Entoloma abortivum, aborting entoloma
  2. Agaricus placomyces, flat top or maybe Psathyrella echiniceps?
  3. Coprinus plicatilis, Japanese parasol
  4. Hypholoma sublateritius, smoky-gilled brick cops
  5. Psathyrella piluliformis, clustered Psathyrella
  6. Crepidotus crocophyllus, saffron-gilled oysterette
  7. Hebeloma crusuliniforme, poison pie
  8. Inocybe geophylla, white fibrehead
  9. Armillaria mellea, honey mushroom
  10. Armillaria ostoyae, dark honey mushroom
  11. Lepista saeva, purple-stemmed agaric
  12. Lepista irina, iris scented Lepista
  13. Mycena galericulata, common Mycena
  14. Panellus stipticus, luminescent Panellus
  15. Tricholoma pessundatum, red brown Trich
  16. Cortinarius near fulvoochrascens, colorful Cort