2011 Spring Forays Summary

In the Spring of 2011, from April 30 to May 29, we conducted twelve forays. More than 70 species were collected on these forays and full details will be available on the website shortly. The species collected included the following:

After the end of April the number of morels collected increased from very few to bountiful by the middle of May. These were mostly Morchella esculenta, with Morchella elata making a fairly good showing. A fair number of falsemorels, Gyromitra species, were also collected.

Umberto Pascali found a patch of false-truffles, possibly a Thaxterogaster species, in the York Forest Ballantrae tract on May 22. They were not fully buried, as would be true truffles. These puffball-like fungi are mushrooms with aborted gills and the gills were visible when the "puffballs" were sliced in half.

The bright red cup shaped fruiting bodies of Sarcoscypha austriaca were found on several forays, as were specimens of Black Witch's Butter, Exidia glandulosa. The jelly-like cones of Heterotextus alpina were found in the Durham Forest on May 28. The generally rainy and overcast weather may have contributed to the bonanza of jelly fungi.

Tim Myles found brackets of Heterobasidion irregulare, or white pocket rot, on a stump in the Nashville tract near Kleinburg on May 14. This white-rot agent is widespread in Ontario. The brackets often escape notice, as they are rather nondescript.

 White pine blister rust (Cronartium ribicola) fruiting bodies were noticed as orange-yellow miniature brackets. Ustulina deusta, the burnt crust fungus was present on nearly every foray. There were several examples of Chlorociborium aeruginascens, recognised by its blue-green staining of the wood. The wolf's milk slime mould, Lycogala epidendrum, was also abundant.

There was good member turn-out again this year, with the average number of participants at each foray being about 27, slightly over the previous year's spring average of 26. 

- D. Andrew White, Foray Director

Foray 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Date Apr. 30
May 1
May 7
May 8
May 11
May 14
May 15
May 18
May 21
May 22
May 28
May 29
Location Dufferin
York Forest
York Forest
York Forest
Foray Leaders J. Werner
A. Gan
N. Trainos
E. Gallo
V. Testa
T. Yarmon
M. Dunsey
E. Gallo
U. Pascali
D. Bohme
J. Kuang
P. Burchell
M. Warnock
J. Werner
T. Wright
P. Barclay
N. Trainos
A. White
U. Pascali
J. Werner
J. Kuang
D. Bohme
No. of forayers 30   45 20 12 39 20 13 43 36 34 22
Morchella elata # (Total 136)       6 7 4   1 56 1 61  
Morchella esculenta # (Total 829)     3 17 7 30 165 202 150 154   101
Morchella semilibera #               8 50      
Agrocybe pediades                        
Agrocybe praecox     x           x      
Apiosporina morbosa             x   x   x  
Astraeus hygrometricus                       x
Bjerkandera adusta                       x
Chlorociboria aeruginascens x   x       x     x    
Caloscypha fulgens       x x       x      
Cerrena unicolor                 x      
Coprinus micaceus x     x       x x x x x
Coprinus plicatilis         x              
Crepidotus mollis                        
Cryptoporus volvatus     x x   x   x x x x  
Dacrymyces palmatus             x   x   x x
Disciotis venosa     x   x              
Discina perlata x     x   x     x x    
Exidia glandulosa x   x       x   x     x
Favolus alveolaris (P.mori)                 x      
Fomes fomentarius     x       x          
Fomitopsis pinicola x               x      
Ganoderma applanatum     x           x      
Ganoderma tsugae                 x      
Geastrum quadrifidum                        
Gloeophyllum sepiarium     x                  
Gyromitra esculenta     x x x x     x      
Gyromitra infula                 x      
Helvella acetabulum                        
Heterobasidion irregulare           x            
Hypholoma fasciculare                        
Hypoxylon argillaceum                        
Hypoxylon fragiforme x                      
Hypoxylon multiforme                        
Inocybe lacera             x          
Leccinum insigne                        
Lentinus torulosus                        
Lycogala epidendrum                 x x x  
Megacollybia platyphylla                        
Mycena haematopus                        
Neolentinus lepideus                     x  
Peziza badioconfusa               x     x  
Peziza repanda             x         x
Peziza vesiculosa                        
Phellinus igniarius           x            
Phyllotopsis nidulens     x     x       x    
Piptoporus betulinus x   x           x      
Pleurotus ostreatus             x   x      
Plicaturopsis crispa             x          
Pluteus cervinus                       x
Polyporus brumalis x   x       x   x      
Polyporus squamosus         x x x   x x x  
Polyporus badius                        
Polyporus varius                        
Ptychoverpa bohemica               x        
Puccinia coronata                        
Pycnoporus cinnabarinus x     x x         x    
Sarcoscypha austriaca x   x           x      
Schizophyllum commune     x     x           x
Trametes versicolor x   x       x   x x x  
Tremella foliacea             x          
Trichaptum abietinum     x     x x   x x x x
Trichaptum biforme                        
Tulostoma brumale     x       x x        
Ustulina deusta     x     x       x    
Verpa conica               x        
Xerula furfuracea                        
Xylaria polymorpha                   x    
Species not listed 9   4 3 1 5 5 5 4 6 0 8
Total Species 20 0 23 11 9 17 21 14 30 20 11 17
Raw data available here: ForayReport_2011_Spring.xls