2010 Spring Forays Summary

We had a winter with very little snowfall, so it was interesting to see what kind of morel season would follow. With the milder temperatures, an early season was anticipated. Mushrooms did arrive earlier. The long dry spell in April and good portion of May proved to be the important factor. Some good sized esculenta were found in the first two forays but not many smaller ones. That was the pattern for all of May.

We had no idea how long the morels would last. Although some were collected in each foray, they were fainting away with the heat in the last forays. Ptychoverpa bohemica was very rare but Morchella elata was more prominent. In total 673 morels were collected in the 12 organized forays: a low of 2 and high of 161, in all, 58 species of dry and fresh mushrooms were identified.

Participation was very high, averaging 26, especially after the article in the Toronto Star describing our foray in Barrie; the picture of the foragers and the ground half covered with snow pretty well showed what challenge we faced. The foray turned out to be successful, thanks in part to Catherine Moorhouse who came out with a full basket of esculenta.

In all, it was kind of average season, hard to compare to last year's. Of note were the robust patches of Mayapples and long lasting Trilliums, or is it only my impression?

The dedication of our foray leaders makes every foray special and interesting for all the participants, in particular for the new visitors who eventually join the organization. Now we all face the challenge of summer and fall with more varieties, so let's brush up on names to be ready.

Details of each foray will be on our website.

Wishing all a pleasurable summer,

- Your Foray Director, Umberto Pascali

Foray 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Date May 1
May 2
May 8
May 9
May 12
May 15
May 16
May 19
May 22
May 23
May 29
May 30
Location Palgrave Dufferin Forest York Forest Midhurst Barrie Palgrave Dufferin Forest York Forest Durham Forest Nashville Area Palgrave York Forest Dufferin Forest
Foray Leaders J. Kuang N. Trainos V. Testa U. Pascali
M. Dunaev
A. Tanas
E. Gallo
T. Wright
A. Gan
M. Warnock
V. Testa
J. Werner E. Gallo A. White
U. Pascali
D. Borsato
M. Dunaev
J. Kuang
A. Gan
No. of forayers 39 16 33 27 19 45 48 16 25 14 20 16
Morchella elata (total 106) 2 1 74 0 13 1 15 0 0 0 0 0
Morchella esculenta (total 567) 10 47 87 110 73 59 65 6 31 72 2 5
Agrocybe pediades     x                  
Agrocybe praecox                   x    
Apiosporina morbosa         x   x x   x    
Astraeus hygrometricus     x                  
Chlorociboria aeruginascens             x          
Coprinus flocculosus             x          
Coprinus micaceus     x   x   x     x    
Coprinus plicatilis           x            
Crepidotus mollis       x     x          
Cryptoporus volvatus               x x      
Dacrymyces palmatus     x x                
Discina perlata     x           x x    
Disciotis venosa         x              
Exidia glandulosa           x x          
Favolus alveolaris (P.mori)     x     x x   x      
Fomes fomentarius             x       x  
Fomitopsis pinicola         x   x          
Ganoderma applanatum             x     x    
Ganoderma tsugae             x          
Geastrum quadrifidum                     x  
Gloeophyllum sepiarium           x            
Gyromitra esculenta x x x     x x   x      
Gyromitra infula     x                  
Helvella acetabulum           x            
Hypholoma fasciculare     x                  
Hypoxylon argillaceum             x          
Hypoxylon fragiforme         ?   x          
Hypoxylon multiforme             x          
Inocybe lacera       x                
Leccinum insigne                     x  
Lentinus torulosus                     x  
Lycogala epidendrum   x     ?       x x    
Megacollybia platyphylla         ?           x  
Morchella semilibera           x            
Mycena haematopus         x              
Neolentinus lepideus               x x      
Peziza badioconfusa     x                  
Peziza vesiculosa   x               x    
Piptoporus betulinus             x     x x  
Pleurotus ostreatus       ? x x     x x x x
Plicaturopsis crispa     x                 ?
Pluteus cervinus                     x  
Polyporus badius                 x      
Polyporus brumalis             x          
Polyporus squamosus x   x x x x x   x x x  
Polyporus varius     x       x         x
Ptychoverpa bohemica           x            
Puccinea coronata     x                  
Pycnoporus cinnabarinus                 x      
Sarcoscypha austriaca           x            
Schizophyllum commune     x       x   x      
Trametes versicolor           x            
Tremella foliacea             x          
Tulostoma brumale         x         x x  
Ustulina deusta     x x                
Verpa conica                   x    
Xerula furfuracea                     x x
Xylaria polymorpha                     x  
Total 4 5 18 6 10 14 23 4 12 13 13 4