2007 Spring Forays Summary

  1. 2007 Spring Foray Director's Report
  2. 2007 Spring Forays Collections Summary

This year, the total of species collected in Spring Foray was above what we did all these years. Total number of species identified was 56. The notion that only few species of fungi are available in spring is proven to be untrue. In the past, we might have overly concentrated on morels so that we over-looked all these other fungi around. We will try to beat this record next year. Though only 540 morels were collected in these foray outings, I knew of members who had bountiful harvests this spring. Even though the season started late, it picked itself up later in the month and produced a decent morel harvest. I would classify this year as a good morel year.

In June's York Forest foray, many fruitings of Pleurotus ostreatus, commonly known as the oyster mushrooms, were reported growing on dead birch tree trunks. Though many were within reachable range, some bunches grew as high as 30 feet! You need a Hypsizygus tessulatus stick to reach them. Foray participants could only salivate watching those high and mighty growths waving in the breeze.

We are continuously recruiting new leaders for our foray program. The new leaders-in-training will assist the foray leaders starting with spring forays followed by fall forays. In a couple of years, they should be able to handle the forays on their own. Of course help is always available from the more seasoned members. So far we have two leaders-in-training this spring. They have gone through the routine of signing up participants, identifying the fungi collected, recording down the names of identified fungi and filling up the foray reports. They will be ready to lead forays soon. If there are any volunteers interested in going through the process, please get in touch with me and arrangements will be made to accommodate them. Besides learning field identification of different fungi, you will learn organization and leadership skills through the leadership process.

- Alan Gan, Foray Director

2007 Spring Forays Collections Summary

Foray 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Date May 6
May 12
May 13
May 16
May 20
May 26
May 27
May 29
Jun. 2
Jun. 3
Location Dufferin Forest Rouge Valley York Forest Midhurst Area York Forest Palgrave York Forest Dufferin Forest York Forest Glen Major/
Walker Woods
Foray Leaders U. Pascali J. Sparling
A. White
V. Testa U. Pascali A. Gan
A. Tanas
J. Sparling P. Barclay
A. White
M. Dunaev T. Yarmon H. van der Gaag
A. Tanas
No. of forayers 31 17 26 9 25 24 19 4 13 12
Morchella elata (total 50) 4   24   20 2        
Morchella esculenta (total 490)     71 86 48 238 10 8 24 5
Bjerkandera adusta             x      
Calvatia excipuliformis         x          
Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa           x        
Chlorociboria aeruginascens   x                
Chrysomyxa pirolata     x              
Coprinus atramentarius     x              
Coprinus micaceus   x   x x x x      
Cronartium ribicola   x                
Cryptoporus volvatus x     x     x      
Dacrymyces palmatus       x x   x      
Daedaleopsis confragosa   x     x         x
Discina perlata       x   x     x  
Flammulina velutipes       x            
Fomes fomentarius             x      
Galerina marginata   x                
Ganoderma applanatum   x         x      
Ganoderma tsugae   x               x
Geastrum saccatum         x       x  
Gyromitra esculenta x     x   x   x    
Gyromitra fastigiata         x          
Hypoxylon fragiforme   x                
Inonotus tomentosus         x          
Lenzites betulina             x      
Lepista nuda                   x
Lycogala epidendrum           x x   x  
Lycoperdon perlatum             x     x
Mycena galericulata                 x  
Mycena leaiana                 x  
Peniophora rufa             x      
Peziza badia           x        
Peziza badio-confusa           x        
Peziza repanda             x     x
Phellinus igniarius           x        
Pholiota mutabilis           x        
Pleurotus ostreatus           x x   x x
Polyporus mori                   x
Polyporus squamosus   x   x   x x x x x
Polyporus varius                   x
Pycnoporus cinnabarinus         x          
Sarcoscypha austriaca     x              
Schizophyllum commune   x   x            
Stereum ostrea   x                
Trametes conchifer   x                
Trametes versicolor         x   x      
Tremella encephala       x            
Trichaptum biforme         x          
Tricholomopsis decora                   x
Tulostoma brumale     x x            
Ustulina deusta   x x             x
Verpa bohemica x                  
Xeromphalina campanella         x          
Xeromphalina kauffmanii                   x
Xerula furfuracea                 x  
Xylaria polymorpha                   x
Total Species 4 13 7 11 12 11 15 3 10 14